3AM Spares (V.A.) 2XLP


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Label: Efficient Space

Rok wydania: 2018

Nr kat: ES009

Press: Australia

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

No longer confined to beer barns and back rooms, this generation of producers, DJs, clubbers and ravers spilled out into pavilions, warehouses and paddocks, embracing a new culture of machine-metaphor and chemical love. Future Sound of Melbourne’s warehouse triptych Resist The Beat embodies a time when the country’s youth united with juggernaut stamina, partying beyond the long arm of the law. Restored from the ARIA award-winning trio’s original DATs, this debut 12″ incited label offers from Jeff Mills, Frank De Wulf and Carl Cox. Released by the likes of Clan Analogue, Creative Vibes, Volition, DanceNet, Juice and Psy-Harmonics, this era’s material has evaded sufficient digital documentation until now, some lost in the decommission of Angelfire, Tripod and Geocities websites. Often these bedroom experiments and one-off collaborations existed solely for compilation inclusions, a plausible scenario for the mysterious Inner Harmony.

Compiled By Andras & Instant Peterson.


A1. FSOM – Resist The Beat
A2. Hypnoblob – Deepdown
A3. Ian Eccles-Smith – The Slaughtering Eye
B1. General Electrik Meets Andy Rantzen – Leather Lover
B2. Jandy Rainbow – I Will Go
B3. Sobriquet – Is This Your First Time? (Artificial Remix)
C1. Blimp – Yellowgold
C2. Inner Harmony – Da Lub Club
C3. Maroochy Barambah – Mongungi (Dance Mix)
D1. Third Eye – Behold The Angel Of Frequency
D2. Tetrphnm – Track11
D3. Screensaver – Eliminated

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