Common-Can I Borrow A Dollar?


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Label: Music On Vinyl

Rok wydania: 2019

Nr kat: MOVLP2321

Press: Europe

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

Numbered edition on transparent vinyl.
Limited to 1500 copies!


Dollar Side
A1 A Penny For My Thoughts 4:31
A2 Charms Alarm 4:23
A3 Take It EZ 4:08
A4 Heidi Hoe 4:30
A5 Breaker 1/9 4:02
A6 Two Scoops Of Raisins Feat.  Immenslope 5:29
Sense Side
B1 No Defense 1:14
B2 Blows To The Temple 4:41
B3 Just In The Nick Of Rhyme 2:29
B4 Tricks Up My Sleeve Feat. Rayshel 3:20
B5 Puppy Chow Backing Vocals : Tarsha Jones 4:00
B6 Soul By The Pound 4:20
B7 Pitchin’ Pennies 1:59

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