Del The Funky Homosapien-Both Sides Of The Brain (2xLP)


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  • Album
  • 2xLP

Label: Hiero Imperium

Rok wydania: 2000

Nr kat: 2301031

Press: US

Stan płyty: Very Good Plus (VG+)  /  Stan okładki: Very Good (VG)


A1 Time Is Too Expensive
A2 If You Must
A3 Jaw Gymnastics
A4 Pet Peeves
B1 Press Rewind
B2 Offspring
B3 Style Police
B4 Fake As Fuck
C1 BM’s
C2 Skull & Crossbones
C3 Soopa Feen
C4 Disastrous
D1 Signature Slogans
D2 Catch All This
D3 Phoney Phranchise
D4 Proto Culture
D5 Stay On Your Toes

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