Extra Added Soul (Crossover, Modern and Funky Soul) 2xLP


  • Album
  • 2xLP
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Label: J&D

Rok wydania: 2016

Nr kat: J&D003LP

Press: US

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

There is a lot of confusion with regards to the modern soul scene. They championed a lot of great records, but this was the mid-80s and it now seems odd to describe nearly 50 year old records as modern soul – but somehow the name has stuck. Extra Added Soul luxuriates in this contradiction, as it allows us to mix up the boogie like ‘Love Explosion’ by Donnell Pittman, with two-step Chicago classics by Elvin Bishop or El Anthony, or the danceable sweet soul of Dyson’s Faces with Gil Scott-Heron alike ‘Patience’ by Rokk.


A1. Donnell Pittman – „Love Explosion
A2. Rokk – „Patience
A3. Bill Spoon – „Love Is On The Way
A4. Eula Cooper – „Standing By Love
A5. Syl Johnson – „Try My Love Again
B1. Elvin Spencer – „Lift This Hurt
B2. El Anthony – „That’s What My Lady Says
B3. Dyson’s Faces – „We’re Two Fools In Love
B4. The Four Tracks – „Charade
B5. The Summits – „I’ll Never Say No
C1. Jackie Stoudemire – „Guilty
C2. Mind & Matter – „I’m Under Your Spell
C3. 94 East – „If You See Me
C4. La’Fez – „No Matter
C5. Young Divines – „Deep In Your Heart
D1. Karriem – „I Love You
D2. Wee – „Try Me
D3. Nate Evans – „Main Squeeze
D4. Alice Swoboda – „I Think It’s Time (You Were Mine)
D5. Cosmos Universal Band – „Cosmos Third Eye

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