Kon And Amir-Off Track Volume One: The Bronx


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Label: BBE

Rok wydania: 2016

Nr kat: BBE LP087

Press: UK

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

You can hear it in the songs of Amerie, Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Mark Ronson and Timbaland. Even in this digital age, the beating heart of modern R&B and hip-hop is still vintage soul, funk and jazz. Whether it’s Winehouse sampling Motown’s finest or Timbaland hijacking Nina Simone’s „Sinnerman”, the sound of the sixties and seventies has never been so sought after. Modern producers, searching for music of integrity, continue to scour dusty racks of records for inspiration. What Kon and Amir have done is make their lives easier. The first collection in the five part “Off Track” series, contains 28 superb songs that you’ve probably never heard of. From a disco tribute to Muhammad Ali to a slice of soulful South African jazz, this is music for the connoisseur. Just don’t be surprised when you hear it being sampled on the next big R&B anthem… Like legendary treasure-hunters, Kon and Amir have spent the past twenty-five years excavating record bins finding gems to pierce ears with. Fortunately, everyone gets to share in the riches of their labor with the release of their latest offering The “Off Track” Series; Long forgotten musicians are now getting their proper dues and appreciative audiences are being turned on to some amazing music. The Off Track series builds on the successes of their highly respected “On Track” series. Unlike the “On Track” series, which featured short snippets of samples and breaks, the Off Track double disc series features full versions of some the best and rarest audible gems in their entirety.


A1. Executive Suite – When It Comes To Loving Me (Kon’s Edit)
A2. Garden Of Eden – Everybodys On A Trip (Kon’s Edit)
A3. Steel City Orchestra – Steel City Disco (Kon’s Edit)
B1. Jorge Santana – Darling I Love You (Kon’s Edit)
B2. STUD Band – Success
B3. Imp Express – 8-1
C1. Masterforce – Don’t Fight The Feeling (Kon’s Edit)
C2. Darryl Douglas – Holding On (Kon’s Edit)
D1. The London Experimental Jazz Quartet – Destroy The Nihilist Picnic
D2. Claudio Mederies – Soar
D3. Zelia Barbosa – Opiniao
E1. Vincent Geminiani – Insideieusement Les Elfes
E2. Marius Cultier – Nestor: Ti Patte
E3. Adolphe Parillon – Country
E4. Quintette Guineenne – Douga
F1. Juan Demonio – Esto Me Gusto
F2. Larry Nozero – Tune For LN
F3. The Baron Von Ohlen Quartet – Tergiversation (The Whistle Song)

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