Makaya McCraven-Universal Beings E&F Sides


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Label: International Anthem Recording Company ‎

Rok wydania: 2020

Nr kat: IARC EF22

Press: US

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

A new project by Chicago-based drummer/producer Makaya McCraven. An addendum to his critically-acclaimed 2018 release Universal Beings, which The New York Times said „affirms the drummer and beatsmith’s position as a major figure in creative music,” Universal Beings E&F Sides presents fourteen new pieces of organic beat music cut from the original sessions, prepared and produced by Makaya as a soundtrack to the Universal Beings documentary film.


A1 Everybody Cool 4:36
A2 Half Steppin’ 3:40
A3 Mak Attack 2:09
A4 The Hunt 2:29
A5 Beat Science 3:55
A6 Dadada 2:06
A7 Isms 3:15
B1 Travelling Space 1:27
B2 Kings And Queens 4:40
B3 The Loneliness 3:22
B4 Her Name 3:13
B5 Universal Beings Pt 2 2:07
B6 Butterss Fly 3:19
B7 The Way Home 2:59

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