Quin Kirchner-The Shadows And The Light (2xLP)


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  • Album
  • 2xLP
  • Ltd

Label: Astral Spirits

Rok wydania: 2020

Nr kat: AS135

Press: US

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

My favorite albums have always been the ones that take the listener on a journey. I aim to do that, to create worlds with my albums – universes. I wanted The Other Side of Time to unfold like a story and I’ve continued that process with The Shadows and The Light. I’m influenced by so many different styles of creative music and I like to try and bring all those influences into harmony on these records. There is long-form and short-form composition. You have groove and you have free improvisation, sometimes at the same time. I chose to honor some of the greats – Elvin Jones with Frank Foster, Phil Cohran, Carla Bley & Sun Ra – by covering their material, while my original compositions pay homage to the influences of Charles Mingus (Lucid Dream) and Mr. Blount (Jupiter Moon). I also make room for sound explorations (Shadow Intro & Ecliptics). The title cut is an epic journey all on it’s own and a composition I’ve been working and reworking for many years. I’m happy to have finally brought it to life in it’s truest form. Quin Kirchner.

Limited to 500 copies only!


A1. Shadow Intro 2:14
A2. Bata Chop 10:19
A3. At This Point In Time 9:22
B4. Rift 3:04
B5. Pathways 4:41
B6. Sahara 5:39
B7. Star Cluster 3:49
B8. Moon Vision 4:04
C1. Ecliptics 4:11
C2. Planet Earth 5:03
C3. Jupiter Moon 11:37
D1. Horizons 2:54
D2. King Korn 5:57
D3. The Shadows And The Light 9:29
D4. Lucid Dream 4:19

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