Sorcerer-Neon Leon (Limited Edition) 2xLP


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  • Album
  • 2xLP
  • Ltd
  • Special Edition

Label: Be With Records

Rok wydania: 2018

Nr kat: BEWITH032LP

Press: UK

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Near Mint (NM or M-)

A continuation of his kaleidoscopic sun-dappled cosmic-disco, Neon Leon was the much-loved CD-only sophomore album by Sorcerer. Just in time for Spring/Summer, we present the first ever vinyl issue, released as a deluxe double LP. A perfectly formed suite of ten tracks featuring soft guitars, subtle synths and lightly grooving percussion, Neon Leon magically evokes that elusive summer feeling throughout. The guitar-driven “Algorhythm” serves as the album opener, blasting bold, sun-drenched jazz chords atop bright synths and groove-based drum programming. “Ride The Serpent” and “Distort Yourself” are guided by a more sultry, slo-mo disco impulse whilst the staggering “Chemise” and strident “Face It” merge 80s West Coast production sheen with Sorcerer’s trademark laid back, gentle disco. “Raydio”’s undeniable head-nod groove adds a rare vocal to the proceedings, joyously combining with the bubbling cosmic funk.

First time ever on vinyl, across 2 x 180g records, freshly commissioned artwork, presented in gatefold sleeve.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide.


A1 Divers Do It Deeper 6:36
A2 Surfing At Midnight 7:15
A3 Hawaiian Island 5:21
B1 Airbrush Dragon 6:43
B2 Egyptian Sunset 8:56
C1 Slow Burning Hands 4:48
C2 Tennis (Game Set Patch) 6:39
C3 Surf Wax 5:03
D1 Blind Yachtsman 6:20
D2 Bamboo Brainwave 6:07
D3 Popsicle Orange 3:45

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