Sven Wunder-Late Again


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Label: Piano Piano

Rok wydania: 2023

Nr kat: PP1004

Press: Sweden

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

When the sun hovers near the horizon, the rays of white sunlight are scattered out of the beam by small particles and molecules in the atmosphere that sprinkle the sky with brilliant hues indicating that the day starts to fade. As night begins to fall, tree-tops redden and begin to glow. Darkness closes in and falls like a blanket covering the sky. It is late again and all is in shadow below. It is when stars align and dreams come true.

Sven Wunder thrives at nightfall and welcomes the horizon of beginnings on ”Late Again”, a collection of nocturnal jazz pieces that depict shooting stars and scattered beams from the setting sun, with an emphasis on gentle compositions for piano and orchestral pop-jazz arrangements for flute, brass, and strings.



1. Sundown
2. Pop-Jazz Structures
3. Take A Break 02:59
4. Stars Align 04:13
5. Lunar Distance
6. Jazz At Night 03:09
7. Snowdrops 04:16
8. Stellar Plates 03:07
9. Asterism Waltz 02:32
10. Late Again

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