Takashi Kokubo-A Dream Sails Out To Sea (Get At The Wave)


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  • Album
  • Blue Transparent
  • LP
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Label: Lag Records

Rok wydania: 2018

Nr kat: LAGREC003

Press: UK

Stan płyty: Mint (M)   /   Stan okładki: Mint (M)

Recorded in 1987 as one of many promo works by Kokubo, whose subsequent commercial work has ended up everywhere from Japan’s earthquake warning systems to their contactless payment jingles, ‘Get At The Wave’ is here retitled, expanded and complemented with a bonus side of shimmering percussion and crashing waves in the transportive ‘Ocean Breeze’.

Reissue on Transparent Blue vinyl!


A1 Symphony Of Glory And Wind
A2 Underwater Dreaming
A3 Breath Of Blue Water
B1 Ocean Breeze

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