Ugly Duckling-Journey To Anywhere


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  • Album
  • 2xLP

Label: XL Recordings

Rok wydania: 2001

Nr kat: XLLP140

Press: UK

Stan płyty: Very Good Plus (VG+)   /   Stan okładki: Very Good Plus (VG+)


aa Out Of Groovy Site (Interlude)
a1 Introduckling
a2 I Did It Like This
a3 Journey To Anywhere
b1 Friday Night
b2 A Little Samba
b3 The Pike
b4 If You Wanna Know
c1 Eye On The Gold Chain
c2 Pick Up Lines
c3 Rock On Top
c4 Visions
da By Your Command (Interlude)
d1 Oasis
d2 Dizzy
d3 Down The Road
d4 Lay It On Ya

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